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The blogging phenomenon has exploded across the internet and from it, several new communities have been born. It seems that every possible category of bloggers have united themselves in one way or another. There are alliances of political bloggers from every ideology, alliances of women bloggers, topic specific bloggers, mommy bloggers, and the list goes on. That’s why I was somewhat shocked when I went searching for a gay and lesbian blogger alliance and couldn’t find one.

The gay and lesbian community has certainly established itself within the blogosphere. You can see just how much of a presence we’ve made by browsing through the enormous GLBT blog directory, QueerFilter. But even with all those blogs out there, we’ve not established a defined community, or an alliance if you will. Our community spans lots pf different generations of GLBT folks. That’s what SpectrumBloggers.com is all about! Now is the time to support each other and unite the many voices of the diverse GLBT blogging world into one powerful community.

Some of our older Spectrum bloggers will aim at the GLBT community that is entering their 50’s. 60’s, 70’s and older. Anti aging medicine is a hot topic right now in both the straight and GLBT world. The baby boomers are aging and with the age management medicine movement, some folks are waking up to the fact that it’s possible to achieve a lifelong goal of health and well being, where aging no longer needs to be an inevitable slow downhill trip. Our present medical health system has a typical reactive disease driven approach to aging. You get a symptom and your doctor reacts by recommending a treatment. For years preventative treatments had been slow to be recognized by many of the public, as being effective. Now-a-days, preventative medicine is being touted by many main stream doctors: exercise is good for you, staying at a healthy weight via proper nutrition is good for you, certain supplements/ vitamins may be helpful. Unfortunately, age management medicine with its advocacy for exercise programs, healthy nutrition, along with general preventative medicine, as well as medical intervention related to balancing and optimizing hormone levels when warranted, vitamin and herbal treatments, anti-oxidant and other cellular protective medicines, is still considered on the fringe by the medical establishment and the medical insurance companies. You will not be reimbursed by your health insurance company if you choose to enlist in an age management program. As a consequence only the wealthier can afford the monthly out-of-pocket expenses. It seems counter intuitive for the medical establishment and insurance companies to snub their noses at age management medicine which is focused on a proactive regard to optimizing human function before disease occurs. If you are interested in age management medicine we’ll keep you posted.

SpectrumBloggers.com allows GLBT bloggers to support each other through numerous joint blogroll options, forum discussions, and more. It’s fast, free and easy so register today.

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